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mjae said: That one post…? I meant the entire blog…

As in the contents of the blog or the blog theme?

If you are talking about the contents of the blog, then I am not quite sure what you mean because all of the content is fan submitted and inspired by Adam, who is by no means a dark person.

If you are speaking about the blog theme itself, it has been a really long time since I updated it (I changed it last year), and I just really liked the whole idea of a city at night at the time. I also asked the opinion of everyone before finalizing it and everyone that responded LOVED IT.

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You might be asking yourself, so why is Estefania not posting on Citizens of Owl City?

Well, first of all, 10 points if you actually knew my name was Estefania.

Second, if you have not been made yet aware, I am currently in France. Two days ago, I was too busy being kissed by a French guy whose family owns a castle, and yesterday I was too busy being invited to a soiree by a waiter who was soooo interested in my friend.

Both of these story’s are actually true, except the first one can be a bit misleading because the guy did kiss me but you know how French people kiss each other to greet each other? It was that.

But can someone tell me if that is normal the first time you meet someone especially if it is a male and a female?

Why am I telling you all of this? I actually just wanted to share these stories since no one seems to care on my personal account and I just thought they are the most interesting stories happening in my non-interesting life.

Second of all, I only received ONE submission since I asked for submissions 3 weeks ago which is perfectly fine because I just found time to post.

But I’d like to say if you have any submission you can feel free to submit them! And I’m sure there can be tons because it is only four days until Owl City’s EP comes out! How exciting!

PS: I would like to thank all the new followers and I would like to thank all of you for your continued support! I’d also like to say sorry for this rambly post, but I ended up writing all of it and I’d feel really bad if I just delete it all. Hopefully you found it somewhat interesting?

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4 days.

mjae asked: "Hey, why is everything so black and green and blue? It's so dark! These are beautiful times! There should be more light!"

Sorry, I made that one post really dark because I found those lyrics so compelling and dark in a way. The thing is, the end of the quote shows the light coming out of the tunnel and the hope to overcoming the dark times! I did not mean it to be as dark as I apparently made it seem.

Sorry for not posting, but I have been busy because I am in FREAKING FRANCE and I’ve been so terribly busy and jetlaggy and just enjoying every moment of it, but if you submit a YKYAHOW or suggest a song lyric I should make a post for then I will try to post it this week if I find the time. :)

excerpt from “Beautiful Times” by Owl City (x)

excerpt from “Beautiful Times” by Owl City (x)

Sorry for not having posted in 5 billion years (yes, that last post was submitted when Beautiful Times was released) but at the end of the semester everything got hectic and then I had finals last week. And why haven’t I posted even though I’m already out of classes? Well, I am going to depart for France on Monday and will be staying there for 6 weeks and I’ve been preparing all week and it’s stressful and exciting. Are any of you from France? I’d love to get some advice from you! If you want to stay up to date on my travels follow my personal blog!

And I’d love to thank everyone who is continues to follow and all the new followers. We are nearly at 1,900 which means we are shy of 2,000 followers! I am surprised this blog gets new followers daily even when I am not consistent with posting. Hoot owls are the best. Hopefully I can post from France, but I’ll post before I leave.

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